This machine can solve a Rubik's Cube faster than you can blink


He stated that most of the Rubik's solvers were trying to use stepper motors for solving the Rubik's puzzle.

The nameless robot is the creation of MIT robotics student Ben Katz and software developer Jared Di Carlo, though Katz describes it as a "contraption". The algorithm used typically needs 19 to 23 moves to solve a cube. Karz and Di Carlos claim that the robot is actually capable of faster speeds than 0.38 seconds, but that it would require more development and troubleshooting that may not be worth it to shave a few fractions of a second off of this already impressive time. A new addition to the list is this astonishing robot that can unravel a Rubik's 3D shape in 0.38 seconds.

The researchers discovered that they could easily beat the world record by using a different kind of motor on their 'Rubik's Contraption'.

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While speed is important to setting records when it comes to solving a Rubik's Cube, equally necessary is the intelligence and capability to recognize the patterns and quickly arrive at a solution. The creator also noted that several cubes were broken during their tuning process.

"We used the cheapest cube we could find on Amazon Prime because we thought we'd end up destroying many of them, but somehow ended up only going through four cubes and hundreds of solves".

Katz gives a thorough rundown of what was involved in making the robot on his blog, just in case you want to try something like this for yourself.

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The robot's power semiconductor muscles then activate six motors, one for each side of the cube, which speedily twist and turn the puzzle, solving it in a fraction of a second. "The machine can definitely go faster", Katz said. Once slowed down to.03 times regular speed, the Rubik's Cube can be seen shattering.

And their record runs laps around the Guinness World Record set by humans.

Korean SeungBeom Cho smashed his previous personal best of 6.54 seconds.

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