Trump to host Saudi Crown prince at White House on March 20


"That will be forced upon them". The families who flew on private jets can not gain access to their bank accounts, even wives and children have been forbidden to travel.

Their wives and children have reportedly been prevented from travelling.

Imprisoned in luxury: Saudi authorities detained hundreds of top businessmen and royals in November and held them for several months at the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton in a sweeping anti-corruption probe.

The New York Times (NYT) added weight to the more cynical interpretation of the anti-corruption drive on Sunday by reporting that a "large sector of Saudi Arabia's movers and shakers are living in fear and uncertainty".

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Saccone's campaign had not scheduled a press availability before or after the tour. "I'm a walking poll", Saccone said. An hour later, Trump Jr. was on stage here at the Volunteer Fire Department, introduced by Saccone .

"Speaking up your mind, this is a crime in Saudi Arabia".

Influential Saudi Arabians were subject to coercion and severe physical abuse in a sweeping crackdown in their country, The New York Times is reporting. That came mostly in the form of land, stakes in businesses, and other assets rather than cash. "We signed away everything", a relative of his said. "Even the house I am in, I am not sure if it is still mine".

According to MSCI, $1.7 trillion of assets were benchmarked against MSCI emerging market indexes at the end of June previous year, of which about a fifth was from passive investors.

"They can do a nominal 2% to 2.5% listing", one of the sources said. Gen. Ali al-Qahtani, an officer in the Saudi National Guard, was found to have his neck twisted unnaturally and his body bruised and badly swollen. A doctor who also saw the corpse identified burn marks indicative of electric shocks.

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Abuse of power, nepotism and the use of middlemen, wasta, to do business are common, it says, suggesting that business practices in Saudi Arabia need to fundamentally change if corruption is to be eradicated, particularly given the overlap between business and politics.

"All those under investigation had full access to legal counsel in addition to medical care to address pre-existing, chronic conditions", the government said. The members of King Abdullah's family are seen as rivals of Crown Prince Mohammed and his father, King Salman.

The government has taken charge of the Saudi Binladen Group construction company while chairman Bakr Binladen remains in custody, according to the NY Times. The general was pronounced dead at a military hospital.

The kingdom has never publicly provided an explanation of the general's death.

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