Trump urges support for GOP House candidate


President Trump returned to Western Pennsylvania on Saturday to whip up a partisan crowd to support congressional candidate Rick Saccone, revisiting reliable campaign themes - promising to build a wall, toughen up on drug dealers, make progress in North Korea and decrease trade deficits.

The president's visit to southwestern Pennsylvania can be seen as three-fold: stumping for Republican Saccone ahead of a close congressional race, promoting his action on steel tariffs and mustering support for re-election.

Saccone is in an unusually tight race against Democratic candidate Conor Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor who's never run for office before, for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district. "If the Democrats were to prevail in western Pennsylvania, that would be quite an quake", Rep. Charlie Dent said last week.

Trump carried the district by 19 points in 2016.

For Trump, it is not just Republican control of the House that is in danger.

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The president extolled his first term thus far, citing accomplishments such as the new tax law, and said that it would be detrimental to his agenda if Democrats were to win the House in 2018 elections.

Trump will likely promote his new tariffs on steel and aluminum, which are popular in the district in the heart of steel country.

The latest Gallup polls show that just 55 per cent in the United States are in favor of the death penalty for murder - a decline from recent decades, but higher than the historic lows in the 1960s. You can't help it.

Trump occasionally mentioned Saccone, calling him "handsome" and insulting his opponent as "Lamb the sham". His rally speech lasted more than an hour.

Trump touted his many accomplishments that included 155 million new jobs and people working, 313,000 new jobs in manufacturing just this month, African American unemployment is the lowest in history, Hispanic and Black unemployment is the lowest in history the stock market is up 40% and the economy is the best in history, "We need workers because I'm bringing lots of companies in here", Trump said. "He's a sleeping son of a b--, I'll tell you".

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"Our new slogan, when we start running, in - can you believe it, two years from now - is going to be, Keep America Great, exclamation point", the President said. "I know her weakness", he said.

Foreign enemies, too, occupied Trump's mind. Knouse said. "If he's gonna come in here and say 'Go Pelosi!' do you think he's going to get any votes? No!" "I feel like he doesn't think we're useful idiots. But that's OK. Because that's what we do, we handle things". He later said the countries of the European Union had banded together "to screw the US on trade", and repeated a recent threat to slap tariffs on German luxury cars. "We're gonna tax BMW".

The Washington Post reported earlier Saturday that officials at the Domestic Policy Council and the Department of Justice are looking into introducing legislation allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for dealers. He talked about China and Singapore, saying representatives of the countries told him they have death penalties for drug dealers.

Ireland, who supports Trump, said she feels that many DACA recipients could have taken steps to apply for citizenship already if they really wanted to, but she was adamant that they deserved a solution and that Democrats have dropped the ball. "I don't think so".

It marked Trump's most explicit public statements on the topic although he previously praised Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who is leading a campaign of alleged extrajudicial killings against drug dealers and users.

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She said: "As a close security and trade partner of the USA , the European Union must be excluded from the announced measures". The talks have always been in the diary but after Mr Trump's announcement they are now a de facto crisis meeting.