United Kingdom diplomats to be expelled from Moscow


The British Council is a cultural institute with artistic, language and educational programs.

Russian Federation has denied the accusations and has accused Britain of fabricating the story.

"I spoke with the Prime Minister and we are in deep discussions", Trump said of British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"We call on Russian Federation to live up to its responsibilities as a member of the U.N. Security Council to uphold global peace and security", they said.

"It is our view that when political or diplomatic relations become hard, cultural relations and educational opportunities are vital to maintain on-going dialogue between people and institutions".

Accusing the Russian state of the nerve agent attack, Britain is expelling 23 Russian diplomats and is trying to build a coalition of countries to punish Moscow as a result. The Skripals remain in critical condition.

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Prime Minister Theresa May responded defiantly to the tit-for-tat move, which followed Britain's expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats and the suspension of high-level contacts earlier this week.

"There is no doubt he will choose the option that corresponds the most with the Russian national interests".

An invitation for Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to visit Britain has been canceled, and British ministers and royals won't attend the soccer World Cup in Russia this summer.

Britain's foreign ministry said it had anticipated Russia's response and its priority now was looking after its staff in Russian Federation and assisting those that will return home. He said Britain must defend itself.

"I repeat today that we have no disagreement with the Russian people".

"We will freeze Russian state assets wherever we have the evidence that they may be used to threaten the life or property of United Kingdom nationals or residents", May said, promising to use all possible legal powers against criminals and corrupt elites.

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Speaking at her party's spring forum in London, May said Britain would "consider our next steps in the coming days, alongside our allies and partners".

Britain has written to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, which monitors compliance with the global convention outlawing the use of such weapons, to obtain independent verification of the substance used.

The U.S., France and Germany have already lined up against Russian Federation on this attack, and top European Union diplomats may discuss next steps at a meeting Monday.

"Our quarrel is with Putin's Kremlin and with his decision", said Mr Johnson, "and we think it is overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the United Kingdom for the first time since the Second World War".

On Friday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it was "overwhelmingly likely" that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the nerve agent attack.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said blaming Putin for the attack was undiplomatic. "Any reference or mentioning of our President is nothing else but shocking and unpardonable diplomatic misconduct".

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Britain this week ordered 23 Russian diplomats to leave but Russia claims Britain has presented no evidence to back its allegations.