Video Released in Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse Shooting


Angliau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, is seen grabbing a pen and rushing another gang member who was testifying against him. He is behind the witness stand.

In a statement obtained by Deseret News US District Court Judge John Dowdell said the video contradicts the plaintiff's argument that Angilau stopped posing a danger within less than one second of launching himself at the witness stand.

Angilau jumped over the witness stand, hurling himself at the other gang member, who moves out of the stand just in time and retreats to the corner of the room. "His attack was stopped by the shots that Jane Doe rapidly fired, in less than one and one-half seconds".

Someone is heard yelling: "Whoa, whoa, whoa", but before any officers could react, Angilau sprinted toward the witness and leaped with his right arm cocked overhead with the pen in hand. The officer who fired the shots points his gun at Angilau, who, positioned behind the witness stand, is no longer visible in the video.

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Simultaneously, a marshal fires four fatal shots: "Bang, bang, bang, bang!"

Family attorney Bob Skyes unsuccessfully argued that the U.S. Marshall "panicked" and could've used another method to subdue Angilau.

Magistrate Judge Paul Cleary ordered the release of a pixelated version of the video obscuring faces of law enforcement officers and others in November, but the Department of Justice objected.

"Those last three shots were all after he's been shot once down on the ground in the back". A wrongful death lawsuit by Angilau's family was dismissed on the same day.

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An FBI investigation found the shooting was legally justified.

While Angilau's family decides if they will appeal the decision, their attorney is happy the public will at least see the video. Sykes acknowledged it was a tough case for the judge, but said he was disappointed in Dowdell's ruling.

The Utah Media Coalition fought for a year for Dowdell to release the footage, according to KUTV in Salt Lake City.

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