WashPost: Trump Made Senior Staff Sign Nondisclosure Agreements


President Donald Trump reportedly made senior White House employees sign nondisclosure agreements that may last past his presidency.

President Trump required his White House staff members to sign nondisclosure agreements during the early months of his presidency. "I don't know, there could be some kind of a law that you can't do this", he told the Post. And so, as Nyhan points out, these NDAs, like provisions of the contract Trump has now admitted to signing with a porn star who he had sex with and then paid hush money to, are likely unenforceable.

At that time, in February or March of 2017, the source said, "There was lots of leaking, things that just weren't true, and a lot of things that were true and should have remained confidential". And people would say, oh, that's bad, you're taking away his right to free speech.

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The agreements stipulated officials could face monetary penalties if they disclosed confidential White House information to the press or others, and were meant to remain in effect after Trump was no longer president, according to the report.

Let's see where this White House shuffle goes.

"This is insane", said attorney Debra Katz, who has represented numerous government whistleblowers and negotiated nondisclosure agreements.

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The draft agreement defines "confidential" information as "all nonpublic information I learn of or gain access to in the course of my official duties", including "communications [with] the press" and with "employees of federal, state, and local governments".

The president's management agenda unveiled Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri, will work to achieve those goals through three drivers of transformation that include information technology modernization efforts; data, accountability and transparency programs; and the need to align the federal workforce with evolving mission requirements. This focus of diGenova is due to his theory that a secretive group of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials made up claims about Russian Federation as a way of trying to keep Trump out of the White House.

There is pretty much zero chance that a court would allow such an agreement to be enforced.

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