White House Releases New Details on School Safety Agenda


When the cameras were invited to a White House meeting with Trump and bipartisan lawmakers a few weeks ago, Trump seemed so open to gun-control proposals that he accused one of the most pro gun-control Republicans in the Senate, Patrick J. Toomey, of being afraid of the NRA because Toomey's universal background check bill from 2013 also didn't raise the age limit for buying assault rifles. On Sunday, the White House released its proposal, which focuses on arming teachers and doesn't mention raising the age limit for assault rifle purchases, which Trump supports.

The plan forgoes an endorsement of comprehensive background checks for gun purchases, which the president, at times, seemed to embrace.

"They're still outlined in the plan", Sanders said.

"I was hopeful that we would be able to get the president's support to pass common sense gun safety measures", the Florida Democrat told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

A Republican who speaks with senior White House officials regularly says this is what many aides were looking to avoid. She described the plan as "pragmatic".

Beckett: There are elements of it that really do have broader backing from gun violence prevention experts. A White House official said Trump still wanted stronger background checks but recognized the risks of alienating his supporters.

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Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., called the plan "weak on security and an insult to the victims of gun violence".

Secretary DeVos' most notable statement on the issue to date was when she was asked in her confirmation hearing about allowing guns in schools and responded that in some places you might need them "to protect from potential grizzlies".

Students from the high school have taken the lead in a national campaign to advance gun control, meeting Trump and other leading politicians, and helping force through a new law on age limits for purchasers in Florida. "You can buy a handgun - you can't buy one; you have to wait until you're 21".

"I think we could all see it coming". That commission may recommend raising the federal minimum age to 21.

"Americans expecting real leadership to prevent gun violence will be disappointed and troubled by President Trump's risky retreat from his promise", said Avery Gardiner, the group's co-president.

Numerous student survivors have urged Washington to toughen restrictions on gun purchases, but such measures are fiercely opposed by the National Rifle Association, and the Trump plan does not include any substantial changes to gun laws. The NRA on Friday sued Florida over a new gun law signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott that bans the purchase of firearms by anyone under the age of 21.

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Trump's embrace of another commission appears at odds with comments he made Saturday night mocking their use, at least when it comes to fighting drug addiction.

"They have great power over you people", Trump said on February 28, referring to the NRA while addressing a group of lawmakers at the White House.

The Trump administration will also provide technical assistance to states preparing temporary "risk protection orders" that allow for guns to be removed from certain individuals, said Andrew Bremberg, a presidential assistant who heads the Domestic Policy Council at the White House.

His plan does ask states to pass what are known as extreme risk protection orders, whereby authorities can grab back guns from unsafe people.

Other proposals include additional funding for the nation's faltering mental health infrastructure, and a full review of the FBI's tip line.

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