Britain had no choice but to conduct air strikes, Theresa May says


US President Donald Trump warned Russian Federation yesterday of imminent military action in Syria, declaring that missiles "will be coming" and lambasting Moscow for standing by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

"Bombs won't save lives or bring about peace", said Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran leftist leader of the main opposition Labour Party.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has also warned that the air strikes "risk further escalating an already risky situation".

Labour MP Kevin Brennan wrote: "Parliamentary approval should have been sought".

She declined to say whether Bashar al-Assad should stay in power and said talks with allies would continue on finding a political solution to the civil war.

The British, US and French bombings on Saturday followed an alleged chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held town of Douma on April 7.

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The US military action in Syria was "a one time shot", US Defence Secretary James Mattis said during a Pentagon press briefing, adding that he doesn't rule out further action by the US if the Syrian government decides to mount chemical weapons attacks in the future.

"The UK is permitted under global law, on an exceptional basis, to take measures in order to alleviate overwhelming humanitarian suffering", the statement said.

The Prime Minister will tell MPs on Monday that the strikes were in the national interest because the use of chemical weapons can not be normalised, including in the UK.

May will face questions from MPs on Monday, when parliament reconvenes after a break.

Bombing Syria was in Britain's national interest and has had strong worldwide support, Theresa May will insist as she tells Parliament why she ordered the attack.

As well as facing MPs' questions, she will also take the unusual step of calling an urgent debate - although this is expected to fall far short of an explicit vote on the military action demanded by some in the Commons.

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David Cameron, who was prime minister in 2013, tweeted on Saturday: "As we have seen in the past, inaction has its consequences".

But they backed action in Iraq the following year, and again in Syria in 2015, strictly limiting strikes to targets of the Islamic State group. The strikes at 0100 GMT were 15 miles (24 kilometres) west of Homs.

British Prime Minister Theresa May summoned her senior ministers to a special cabinet meeting today to discuss joining the United States and France in possible military action against Syria after a suspected poison gas attack on civilians.

May said the missile strike was created to minimize any civilian casualties and was not an attempt to change the Syrian government.

May has said "all indications" point to Syrian responsibility for the attack.

Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats, the fourth-biggest party in parliament, accused May of "riding the coat-tails of an erratic United States president".

Trump tweets "Mission Accomplished!" after Syria bombing
"I knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great Military term, it should be brought back". The strikes "successfully hit every target", White told reporters at the Pentagon.