Comey's 'Higher Loyalty' a bestseller even before release


"I think he's morally unfit to be president", said Comey. ABC's "20/20" is set to air an interview with Comey on Sunday.

In this image released by ABC News, correspondent George Stephanopoulos, left, appears with former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey for a taped interview for a primetime "20/20" special on Sunday, April 15, 2018 on the ABC Television Network.

Comey is schedule to give interviews on the book to major television networks this week and travel to a dozen cities to promote the book in person. It would be something that ... is higher than all the normal fights about policy.

Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and any potential ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

So he (and perhaps he alone) thinks Mr Trump's hair is real. "I wish I wasn't saying it, but it's the truth".

"It is stunning and I wish I wasn't saying it, but it's just - it's the truth", he said, but added, "It always struck me and still strikes me as unlikely".

After James Comey's interview on "20/20", the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director faced criticism from both the political left and right.

In an interview with ABC News that aired Sunday night, the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation chief says he could not discount the possibility that Russian Federation might have something on the president.

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Comey also discussed the first time he met the newly elected Trump in person in January 2017 to talk about the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election.

I hope not because I think impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office would let the American people off the hook and have something happen indirectly that I believe they're duty bound to do directly.

He also compares the President to one of the ego-driven mafia bosses he took on when he worked as a lawyer. Stephanopoulos asked. "Possibly", he said.

Sanders carried on a war of words between Trump and Comey as the president flew to Florida.

Comey is embarking on a public rollout of his book, "A Higher Loyalty", which comes out Tuesday. Major media outlets, including CNN, obtained copies of the book last week and quickly published reports on its scathing and unsparingly critical depictions of the President. 3 presidents are in my book: "2 help illustrate the values at the heart of ethical leadership; 1 serves as a counterpoint", he wrote on his Twitter account.

The President and his allies have launched a forceful counterattack.

Comey said that his view of deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was colored by the memorandum Rosenstein wrote to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that was cited by the White House as the reasoning for Comey's firing. They should also listen to him when he says disliking the president and disagreeing with his voters does not a case for impeachment make.

In an incident Clinton herself has blamed for her losing the election, Comey informed members of Congress shortly before the election that additional emails had been found that were linked to the investigation, then stating just two days before that election that no new or incriminating information was found in said emails.

Fired FBI director Comey says Trump 'morally unfit'
He added that U.S. citizens need to "fight" for American values, and that "impeachment, in a way, would short-circuit that". But Trump later told NBC's Lester Holt that "this Russian Federation thing" had been a factor in his decision.

In the interview excerpt released Saturday, Comey said he did not remember "consciously thinking" about the election results as he made a decision to disclose that the FBI had reopened its investigation into candidate Clinton's email use.

He explained: 'I wasn't trying to go easy on her or hard on her.

Last summer, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. He labeled Comey "disgruntled" and accused him and allies of having "committed many crimes".

Some also felt Comey brazenly admitted to illegal acts in the interview, which should be prosecuted.

In his interview, Comey defended the 28 October letter announcing the reopening of the investigation, which Clinton has said lost her the election to Trump.

When asked about his first impression of Trump, Comey said he was similar to how he "thought he looked on television".

But the president's characterization that Comey was influenced by polls is an oversimplification of what the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director wrote.

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