Donald Trump attacks James Comey's Federal Bureau of Investigation memoir of 'lies'


The thought of having dinner alone with Trump at the White House made Comey "deeply uncomfortable", he writes in the book, because he feared that the president wanted to compromise the FBI's integrity and independence and was waging "an effort to establish a patronage relationship" with him. It's odd that no reporters questioned her about this assertion, as some news outlets give that accomplishment to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

Former FBI director James Comey told associates Donald Trump was "outside the realm of normal" and "crazy".

According to excerpts of the book leaked by United States media, Trump was also obsessed with the alleged existence of a video in which Russian prostitutes said to be hired by Trump urinated on the bed in a Moscow hotel room.

Mr Trump's morning tweet comes before Mr Comey's interview with ABC to be broadcast in full on Sunday evening.

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Comey said he told the president the Federal Bureau of Investigation had not proved or disproved the allegations but thought it was important Trump knew about them. That distracted me slightly because I immediately began wondering why his wife would think there was any chance, even a small one, that he had been with prostitutes urinating on each other in Moscow'. Comey asks his readers.

ABC is already teasing the major forthcoming interview between Comey and longtime Clinton friend and backer George Stephanopoulos, which has some wondering about impartiality, and gives fuel to the right to bash Comey's intentions, not that they ever need an excuse. Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund the research.

Comey revealed that Donald Trump works like a mafia boss, he wants complete loyalty towards him, he feels the entire world is against him and he is a liar. "It wasn't necessary for my goal, which is to alert him we have this information". The so-called dossier allegedly contains several salacious and detailed graphic material on Trump, compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent.

Trump was anxious there was a chance his wife, Melania Trump, would believe the allegations.

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Some of the early news coverage of Comey's memoir has made a mockery of Trump, including the cover of Friday's Daily News in NY.

When Comey explained to Trump that he was not under investigation and that he told Congress that much, Trump responded, "We need to get that fact out", Comey writes. Comey writes, "He brought up what he called the 'golden showers thing'". Trump himself quoted Comey's comments to blast Clinton (though he completely misrepresented those comments) as a "disgrace and embarrassment to our country". Those that have read the advance copies have reported that Comey includes plenty of personal attacks directed at Trump's physical attributes and Comey compares Trump to a mob-boss.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the way Comey balked at the brink of indicting Hillary Clinton in her email controversy in 2016, saying she had been "extremely careless" about handling emails that may have been classified, but that no prosecutor would take the case to court.

In a clip from the ABC interview released on Saturday, Comey said his belief that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election was a factor in his decision to disclose the investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

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