Florida Woman Blames Cocaine in Purse on 'Windy Day'


A woman in Florida who was arrested on suspicion of drug possession claimed cocaine found on her must have flown into her purse because it was a windy day.

The officers searched the vehicle after smelling marijuana as they approached.

Kennecia Posey 26 has claimed that “a windy day” is why cocaine was in her bag WPLG reported

During questioning by officers, the suspect, identified by multiple news media outlets as Kennecia Posey, 26, allegedly admitted to ownership of the pot, but not the other drug, ABC Miami/Fort Lauderdale affiliate Local 10 News, WPLG, reported. As authorities searched the vehicle, they found a bag of marijuana in the purse that was on Posey's lap, as well as a bag of cocaine.

She did however, admit the marijuana was hers. Even on drugs that excuse must have sounded pretty dumb in her head before she came out with it though.

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"I don't know anything about any cocaine", she said, according to the report. "It must have flown through the window and into my purse".

According to police, Posey admitted the marijuana was hers, but denied having any cocaine.

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She was detained in the county jail on charges of cocaine and cannabis possession.

After that, she has now been released on a bail bond. Hopefully her lawyer will double down and try to justify that in a court of law.

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