French defense minister says Russian Federation was warned ahead


"Insulting the President of Russian Federation is unacceptable and inadmissable", he added.

The team from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will begin assessments in Douma one week after the assault that has sparked worldwide outrage.

The strikes were ordered "on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities" of the Syrian government, Mr Trump said.

Mr Macron warned France has "proof" that the Syrian government carried out the chemical attack. Barzah is the location of a major Syrian scientific research centre.

Syrian television reported that Syrian air defenses have responded to the attack.

A Syrian soldier sits next to a poster of the Syrian president at the entrance of the Wafideen Camp on 12 April 2018
A Syrian soldier sits next to a poster of the Syrian president at the entrance of the Wafideen Camp on 12 April 2018

After the attack ceased and the early morning skies went dark once more, vehicles with loudspeakers roamed the streets of Damascus blaring nationalist songs.

Russian Federation has called for a United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria on Friday.

At least 40 people died in the chemical attack in Douma last Saturday, about 10 miles east of Damascus, and over 500 people, mostly women and children, were injured and brought to medical centers.

Defense Secretary James Mattis says the USA and its allies have taken "decisive action" against Syrian chemical weapons infrastructure.

The MoD says the military action was "proportionate" and "specifically aimed at degrading the Assad regime's ability to use chemical weapons and deterring further such appalling acts". "They are crimes of a monster instead". "The United States will be a partner and a friend".

US, allies strike Syria to stop chemical weapons
Despite overwhelming evidence of the government's involvement in the attacks, Syria has denied responsibility for both incidents. Missiles streak across the Damascus skyline as the USA launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the capital.

"We are obviously looking at that very closely".

While Trump announced the "precision strikes" in Syria, Trudeau has ruled out any Canadian participation.

Inspectors will today start investigations on the ground into the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, as Britain, the U.S. and France continue to finalise a response.

President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House as he confirmed airstrikes were underway.

"Our strategy remains the same as a year ago: to drive this to a United Nations -brokered peace, but at the same time keep our foot on the neck of ISIS until we suffocate it", Mattis said.

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Here's who Russian Federation has blamed this week for the alleged chemical attack that killed dozens, including many children.

He called them "most responsible for supporting, equipping and financing the criminal Assad regimen".

"I think it is completely understandable that the president would feel that, given this crisis situation, he would need to be at home", Freeland said, adding that the Canadian delegation is looking forward to its meeting with Pence.

"We did everything we could in our intelligence assessment and our planning to minimise to the maximum degree ... any chance of civilian casualties".

The ministry also pointed at previous use of chemicals by rebels in fighting with Syrian government troops. He noted that establishing deterrence against use of such weapons represented "a vital national security interest of the US".

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