Google Plans Gmail Redesign


As noted today by Android Police, Early Adopter Program users have been notified by email that a change is coming and that Gmail will be getting a cleaner UI along with new features like snooze, smart replies, and more.

Google announced the incoming redesign in an email to G Suite subscribers, which The Verge managed to get a copy of.

In addition to a fresh coat of paint, the Gmail redesign includes new features - some of which Inbox already has.

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Google has begun sending an email out to G Suite administrators alerting them that a redesign of Gmail is on the horizon. The left-side column was more like and the right side was an enlarged version of Gmail. With how robust the Google Calendar has become, having quick access to your appointments and other obligations from within your email is a welcome feature that may even enable the new Gmail design to be your one-stop-shop for all things productivity.

According to Bhutani, "It was a hybrid of Gmail and Inbox..."

Are you looking forward to this update? They're good for hammering out short replies to a ton of emails, but the utility of not having to type a short email is lessened when you're doing it on a real computer with a real keyboard.

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With the launch of the EAP, Gmail will not initially have offline support, but Google promises that "native offline support in the new Gmail experience" will be available by June 2018. Google is looking to test critical Chrome extensions, to ensure the new Gmail experience is compatible before it's widely available.

According to the email, G Suite customers and regular Gmail users must join the EAP to access the updated Gmail.

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