In Searing Interview, James Comey Unleashes Against 'Morally Unfit' Trump


Former FBI director James Comey has said it is possible that Russian Federation may have compromising information on U.S. president Donald Trump.

Her comments came the morning after Comey, in his first televised interview since being fired previous year, said that he believed Trump was "morally unfit" to be president and recounted several meetings with the him, including one in which Comey says Trump asked for his loyalty.

Garcia also took exception with Comey's use of personal memos to memorialize private conversations with Trump and subsequently leaking them via a third party to The New York Times.

Sean Hannity, the most prominent conservative media personality of the Trump movement, was particularly upset about the line of questioning Comey received, believing it to be biased, and calling Stephanapolous an inappropriately sympathetic interviewer.

James Comey has accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of shirking the responsibility of standing up to President Donald Trump to prevent him from trying to subvert the independence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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This week's edition of the latter featured none other than James Comey, the former FBI director who was sacked by POTUS after he failed to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. It always struck me and still strikes me as unlikely, and I would've been able to say with high confidence about any other president I dealt with, but I can't. The President of the United States may be being blackmailed by a hostile foreign power. "I think he's morally unfit to be president", he added.

"He's criticizing the President in a way that I don't feel like we've heard before", said Prof. But he did not watch the entire program, the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said. On Sunday, Trump similarly suggested Comey's handling of the Clinton case seemed to be based on the assumption she would win.

When asked if he thinks Trump is unfit for office, Comey was quick to say yes - because he sees Trump as "morally unfit".

Washington Free Beacon contributing editor Daniel Halper said Monday that from a contrarian perspective, the widespread distain for former FBI Director James Comey makes him likable, but he ruins it by being "so self-righteous".

Comey also discussed the briefing of Trump's alleged pee tape, describing the meeting with the president over the matter as "really weird" and like an "out of body experience".

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The Republican National Committee already has launched an offensive against the book, challenging the former director's credibility with a feature on its website titled "Lyin Comey".

"So I worry sometimes people think I'm talking about politics".

But on that crucial obstruction question, Mr Comey - in his first interview since his sacking - told ABC America's George Stephanopoulos: "Possibly".

'But the deputy director who was a great deputy director and a longtime special agent, looked at me and said, "You know you're totally screwed, right?"

Opponents of the President have suggested Mr Comey was dismissed because he was leading the investigation into alleged links between Mr Trump's campaign team and Russian Federation. She wrote in her book that he "shivved" her.

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"I honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I don't know whether the current president of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013".