Josh Brolin Confirms MCU Scenes With Thanos And Captain Marvel


So much of the hype around Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revolved around whether she might make some kind of appearance in Avengers: Infinity War (signs currently point to no) that it's easy to forget that she's definitely going to appear in Avengers 4, or Untitled Avengers Film, or whatever you'd like to call it for now.

Josh Brolin might not have been on the set of Infinity War or its follow-up a great deal, but it seems the actor still had time to work with an intriguing co-star, whose presence confirms a meeting of two of the universe's most powerful characters. But between the two, which did the actor prefer? "But I think if I was to have a preference, it'd be Thanos, just because my expectation was pretty low, given that I just thought I was a prop". He continued with "I'm Josh, who's got dots on him, and a onesie, and a helmet can, and I've got Scarlett right there, and I've got Brie, and Don Cheadle, and Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, and Downey..." And it was quite the opposite, having seen enough of the movie and realized how cutting edge this technical process is, y'know?

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"I don't like the idea of a franchise, personally". I was watching every twitch, every blink.

Speaking of Disney, before Brolin puts on the metal arm and plays Cable, he's got a gauntlet to wield in "Avengers: Infinity War", playing the villain Thanos. "My actions. I was living through my intentions".

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"We think about it in four movie terms", the Sicario: Day of the Soldado star said. They made huge leaps and bounds in mo-cap territory since then. Audiences will get to see for themselves how the filmmakers did bringing everyone together, including Josh Brolin's Thanos, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27. There are a lot of big movies coming out over the next few weeks and much like the holiday season, the box office will be something worth keeping an eye on.

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