Kellyanne Conway To ABC: Comey 'Swung The Election'


"He looked a little shaky", Ms Conway said of Mr Comey, on ABC's Good Morning America. "He thought the wrong person would win". Conway's remark contradicts the White House's longstanding position, however, which is that the announcement had no significant impact on the election.

The White House and Republican National Committee have launched a widespread campaign to undermine Comey's credibility as he conducts a media blitz to promote his book, "A Higher Calling: Truth, Lies, and Leadership", which is set to be released Tuesday. As part of that, he participated in an interview that aired Sunday night on ABC in which he called Trump "morally unfit" to be president. Or what? She later "explained" that she was "being sarcastic".

Shortly after her lap on the morning shows, Conway told the Daily Beast that she was being "tongue-in-cheek" during her comments on ABC.

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She also tweeted her defense.

She found the coverage of her words misleading there too.

Huh. So it seems Conway is criticizing Comey for swinging the election for Trump, something that Conway and Trump benefitted from, I guess?

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"I think it's possible". Comey had only ever testified that no one in the Department of Justice had made such a request, Stephanopoulos said, but he has always maintained his claims about Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then a top Trump campaign surrogate, also praised Comey's move, telling Fox News in late October and early November 2016 that Comey "had an absolute duty" to "come forward with the new information" and "did the right thing".

In his tweet, Trump complained that Comey "drafted the Crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her" and asserted that in deciding how to handle the case, Comey "based his decisions on her poll numbers".

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First, I have no doubt that Trump is very sincerely confounded at Comey's ability to grab the spotlight.