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Jill Blackstone was arrested on suspicion of murder two days after her sister's body was found, but she was released when prosecutors declined to file charges, asking police to conduct further investigation.

Following her arrest, Blackstone now faces extradition to Los Angeles for prosecution. The 49-year-old later died.

Police are urging anyone with additional information to call Peteque at 805-750- 7888.

IMDB lists a series of producing credits under Jill Blackstone's name.

Blackstone worked as a producer on programs including "Family Court with Judge Penny", the Daily News reported.

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Blackstone was nominated for a CableACE award in 1993.

"David Perler and Jill Blackstone have been named executive producers for the second season of Buena Vista Television's The Tony Danza Show".

Homicide detectives believe the motive was Jill's frustration at being forced to provide Wendy long-term care, as well as the associated financial hardship. Their follow-up work included "significant travel, research, numerous interviews, and additional forensic evidence processing which added time to this extremely complex and sensitive investigation", officials said.

It was previously reported that Jill, 52, had allegedly made a suicide pact with her sister, but got cold feet at the last minute and called a friend for help - who then told the police. "Officers found a grill and charcoal in the garage, but Blackstone told police it was used to roast marshmallows". She was also charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

Homicide detectives were notified by the suspect's attorney that she had checked herself into the hospital due to a medical condition, according to police.

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When paramedics arrived at the home in Los Angeles Wendy and three of her dogs were dead, while Jill was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Jill Blackstone was hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning.

At first it appeared that Wendy - who was deaf and partially blind - had killed herself, but now police believe that Jill assisted her sister, according to TMZ.

Jill was initially charged with Wendy's murder, but the case was dropped by Los Angeles District Attorney.

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