Radical Heights: Lawbreakers Devs Reveal New Free-To-Play Battle Royale Game


Radical Heights is a free "X-TREME Early Access" battle royale shooter that will hit Steam tomorrow, April 10th, and you can find its first details, screenshots and official PC requirements below. While it may not have had the best life, Radical Heights looks set to try and take the Battle Royale scene by storm with BMX bikes, cash that can be won or lost, and of course, loot. You can withdraw from an ATM to "purchase weapons early in the next game" or just use the funds to customize your "personal prize room".

Many games these day seem to be heavily "inspired" by PUBG and Fortnite, and Radical Heights seems to be one of those. Boss Key has replied to this saying that the boost is available only for the gold that you gain after the game.

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The shooter is slated to stay in early access for a year and will launch tomorrow in a playable, yet unfinished, state. "Your in-game cash wallet always starts at $0 when you enter the match (for every player)".

Unlike the hardcore, Overwatch-meets-Tribes intensity of LawBreakers, which likely scared off plenty of would-be players, Radical Heights is opting for a tongue-in-cheek tone revolving around a gaudy game show in the '80s-themed future of 2023. At Boss Key, we have some really unique twists we want to put in the Battle Royale genre, and launching into Early Access allows for us to share those high level ideas with our community quickly. Your money will carry over regardless if you win or lose. It embraces the always popular '80s aesthetic by turning battle royale matches into a kind of game show. In the Cash Grab, the in-game cash will drop from the sky in an open area for a limited time. Boss Key addressed this, removing the flat $10,000 bonus to offer a 10% bonus to the cash that players bank at the end of the match instead.

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"Lawbreakers is certainly fun while it lasts; it's nigh on impossible to not get engrossed in the mayhem for at least its first ten hours". For more of Radical Heights neon-pink carnage, check out more screenshots from the reveal below.

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