Russian Federation spies Skripals for five years


The global chemical watchdog is preparing to release its report on the nerve agent used to poison a former spy and his daughter in southwestern England as Russian Federation continues to deny suggestions that it was behind the attack. The pair were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury - where Sergei Skripal lived - on March 4 after being exposed to military-grade nerve agent novichok, according to British authorities.

Yulia Skripal earlier this week was discharged after more than a month of hospital treatment following the attack.

"At the moment, I do not wish to avail myself of their services, but if I change my mind, I know how to contact them".

It was "highly likely", he said, that some defectors - like Mr Skripal, a former GRU officer who was convicted of treason in 2006 and exchanged in a spy swap in 2010 - were regarded as "legitimate targets".

She cautioned the media that no one else speaks for her or her father, who is still in a hospital.

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It published the unusual allegations in an 8,000-word report on the incident after the Kremlin was accused of using a military grade nerve agent in Salisbury, on March 4.

He said Russia had "the technical means, operational experience and motive for the attack on the Skripals and that it is highly likely that the Russian state was responsible".

"I thank my cousin Viktoria for her concern for us, but ask that she does not visit me or try to contact me for the time being", the statement quoted her as saying.

Ms Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, challenged Britain to prove the Skripals were not being held hostage, noting that no-one except British authorities had seen either of them for over a month.

"Her father has also made good progress".

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Both Skripals are recovering and expected to survive, with the daughter taken to a secure location after a release from the hospital this week.

"As before, we would like to make sure that the statement really belongs to Yulia".

The toxin attack prompted the biggest Western expulsion of Russian diplomats since the Cold War as allies in Europe and the United States sided with Mrs May's view that Moscow was either responsible or had lost control of the nerve agent. It says that Russian Federation continued to produce the agents after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but did not declare the work to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Shortly after the attack in Salisbury, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd asked police and intelligence agency MI5 to look into further allegations of Russian state involvement in a number of deaths in the UK, prompted by a Buzzfeed report alleging Russian links to 14 suspicious deaths in the UK.

There are several variants of Novichok, a binary weapon containing two less-toxic chemicals that, when mixed, react to produce a poison several times more lethal than sarin or VX.

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