Segment launches new GDPR compliance tools


GDPR has been drafted with the major players of the information society in mind, relying heavily on the processing of personal data as the foundation of their business.

There are multiple facets to compliance with GPDR, and below we address a few of the most frequently queried areas relating to email marketing - from marketing to individuals to the use of third party contacts and B2B activities. If an organization is strongly HIPAA compliant, then it will be much easier for them to absorb GDPR; if they have been going off HIPAA for a while, then GDPR is going to come as a shock.

GDPR requires firms to identify a lawful grounds in order to process personal data.

The effect that a data breach has had both on Facebook's share price and their reputation is huge.

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Previously, the United States and European Union were on completely opposite trajectories when it came to the way they viewed consumer data, the EU being much more citizen first - however, the recent Facebook scandal seems to be the last straw, and the United States are now joining Europe in the mission for data privacy. The company's data recorder has been under development for almost one year and, advertised under the name Adatsólyom, offers to evaluate a company's data and propose an action plan on what modifications, if any, need to be completed.

Recognising the need to make user consent and data usage more transparent, regulators are tightening legislation and next month will see the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which sets a higher standard for consent.

Google's services, from the cloud to G Suite (including G Suite for Education and Google Classroom) have been preparing for better data practices for a while, perhaps due to a history of fines both in Europe and the US. Most SaaS companies are not ready and hence, companies using them aren't either. The first part of the tool is also free to use which opens up the platform to use by smaller companies who wish to evaluate their company's compliance with the upcoming law. We worked with independent organisation LL-C and itgave a full review of our data management processes. Also, the detailed requirements will vary between businesses. According to many experts, the regulatory framework pertains to any organization that handles European Union data, whether that organization is in the European Union or not.

"It may look like doom and gloom to some because potentially up to 75 per cent of marketing data will be obsolete, but it's actually a positive move that will benefit the industry".

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Not only do you need to be compliant with the new regulation, you need to be able demonstrate your compliance.

"It is important for Indian companies to brace up their security which will help them embrace GDPR".

The EU's new privacy laws aim to give consumers greater control over the use of their data, including the ability to learn what information companies have on them as well as the ability to revoke consent for granting company's access to personal data. Those of us that opt-in will continue to trade our data for services but those that opt-out could find themselves precluded from a personalised online experience.

You'll know in the connected world companies record and hold secure information about their customers creating a new kind of digital paper trail.

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