Siegfried Is Now Joining The Soulcalibur VI Fighting Game Roster


Longtime Soul Calibur character, fan favourite and other half to Nightmare, Siegfried has been announced for Soul Calibur VI. Speaking of which, it seems like poor ol' Siegfried might be getting on in years, as it looks like he can barely lift his absurd blade any more. Not exactly a huge surprise, as Siegfried is one of the SoulCalibur's main protagonists and has appeared in every entry in the series to date.

The return of Siegfried was marked by the release of a dedicated new trailer showing his powerful moves, and a batch of screenshots. Throughout the SoulCalibur series, Siegfried has continued to mature, change in appearance as he's become more battle worn, and gain greater strength and skill in the arena of battle.

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SoulCalibur VI acts as a sort of reboot for the franchise, revisiting the events of the first game in the series.

According to the Soul Calibur 6 Siegfried trailer his fighting style is self-taught and his weapon name is Requiem.

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Soul Calibur 6 is due out in 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can check out Siegfried in action, below.

"As a fan myself, and someone who's involved with The Witcher games, I always thought Geralt would be an awesome addition to Soulcalibur's fighter roster", said Momot. We just don't know exactly when yet.

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