Syrian air defences completely failed, West claims


"Syrians today feel that the world have let them down, and this is why Assad used chemical weapons against Syrians because no one will help the people". The U.S. acted alone, focusing on a single target. He said the USA knew of no civilians killed by allied missiles.

The White House and Pentagon, past year and now, have not clearly outlined the USA mission and strategy in Syria, as many reporters have pointed out, then and now. Western powers published evidence on Saturday explaining their conclusion that Assad was responsible for the strike, which, according to USA officials, deployed both chlorine and sarin from helicopters only in possession of the Assad regime. The president said he had directed the USA military to conduct "precision strikes" against Assad's chemical weapons capabilities, with targets including a scientific research center in the Syrian capital and two chemical weapons storage facilities west of Homs.

President Donald Trump is claiming victory after a USA -led allied attack on Syria's chemical weapons program.

"This is going to set the Syrian chemical weapons program back for years".

This time, the USA had the United Kingdom and France by its side in a joint military operation that focused instead on three sites, according to the Pentagon.

It wasn't a predetermined outcome. "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria".

But Trump on Wednesday tipped his hand as well, tweeting that missiles "will be coming", and, "get ready".

Iran Warns Of "Regional Consequences" Of Syria Strikes
The US and its allies fired over 100 missiles at civilians and Syrian military bases in the capital city of Damascus. Russia's Ministry of Defense claimed Syria's air defense systems intercepted 71 missiles launched in the airstrikes.

The Assad regime is projecting an image of defiance.

Since last year's strike, multiple chemical attacks have been reported in opposition areas, majority involving chlorine rather than the nerve agent sarin, as was used in 2017, suggesting the government may have adjusted its tactics.

Hours before Trump's announcement on Friday, 88 Republican and Democratic members of Congress signed a letter imploring the president to consult Congress prior to engaging United States armed forces.

Russian Federation and Iran called the use of force by the United States and its allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression". The president largely listened as Pentagon chief Jim Mattis, Joint Chiefs Chairman Marine Corps General Joe Dunford and other military leaders did most of the talking.

The question is whether Trump is looking for a way to keep the deal, or if he and his two new hard-line aides - national security adviser John Bolton and secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo, both of whom have advocated trashing it - are not interested in an agreement that would keep it alive.

The president asked Bolton and the military leaders to justify each potential target, and was particularly focused on limiting the risk of escalation by Russian Federation.

"I support any attack on Assad from any party because he is an unjust dictator and murderer", said Anas Al Wawi, whose parents were forced to leave their home in a suburb of Damascus last week by Mr Al Assad's forces. The event later became a symbol of the controversy as the war dragged on and resulted in the deaths of thousands of American troops and tens of thousands of civilian casualties.

Russian Federation says has proof Britain was behind alleged Syria chemical attack
The suspected use of chemical weapons has drawn the West back into Syria's seven-year conflict. The US President announced a missile attack on Syria in response to the chemical attack.

In New York, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said at an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council that Trump told her that if Syria uses poisonous gas again, "the United States is locked and loaded".

French President Emmanuel Macron said he ordered the attacks after the "massacre" of innocent people which had crossed "a red line".

With the allies on board and the USS Winston Churchill arriving in the Mediterranean region, the attack was almost underway.

"The U.S. strike is not effective". These missiles may have come down in populated areas, he said. Russia's more advanced air defense system didn't engage the allied weapons.

A USA official told Reuters the strikes were aimed at multiple targets and involved Tomahawk cruise missiles as Syrian state TV said the army's air defences were confronting the attack. The bomber-launched missiles, build by Lockheed Martin Corp., had never previously been used in combat. The vessels were located in the Red Sea, the Gulf and the eastern Mediterranean. The destroyer USS Higgins fired 23 Tomahawks from the North Arabian Gulf, according to McKenzie.

U.S., British, and French forces unleashed more than 100 missiles on Syria - targeting and destroying a scientific research center and two suspected chemical weapons storage facilities. Bush addressed sailors aboard a Navy ship in May 2003 alongside a "Mission Accomplished" banner, just weeks before it became apparent that Iraqis had organized an insurgency that tied down US forces for years.

That may be a phrase Trump, like Bush, learns to regret. A US -led coalition has been conducting airstrikes in Syria since September 2014 as part of a largely successful effort to break the IS grip on both Syria and Iraq. The country remains a melange of foreign forces, militias and terrorist groups. "Just as it did with the war on the Islamic State, or ISIS, the USA has compartmentalized the (chemical weapons) issue and isolated it from the broader Syrian conflict". He might well use them again.

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