Tougher regulation of Facebook is inevitable


The hearings came almost a month after news broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump's campaign, accessed information from as many as 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge. When we first contacted Cambridge Analytica, they told us that they had deleted the data. So, to put those numbers into better perspective, that means around 36.38 million people in the U.S. have deleted the Facebook phone app, while 19.26 million have deleted their accounts altogether. Zuckerberg said he will know more when the current investigation is over.

This exposed the fact that Facebook has been able to sneakily collect data about users which they didn't share on the platform.

For 14 years, Mark Zuckerberg was free to use any means he could imagine to build his social network into an internet and advertising colossus with tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

"We only store them temporarily and we convert the weblogs into a set of ad interests that you might be interested in those ads, and we put that in the "download your information" [feature] and you have complete control over that", he said.

Zuckerberg faced broad concerns from members of Congress about how Facebook shares user data.

Facebook Messenger reminds users to check privacy settings
The Intercept reported Cambridge Analytica used harvested data to construct about 30 million "psychographic" profiles of voters. It was created in 2003 and existed for only a couple of days before Harvard made him close it down.

Whether some of the anonymous group pages now on Facebook were created by Russian agents. Billy Long even went so far as to produce a big poster of the duo, and ask Zuckerberg, "What is unsafe about two Black women supporting President Donald J. Trump?" Zuckerberg replied "yes" when asked if his personal data was included in the information sold to the "malicious third parties" by the lawmakers during a testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee yesterday. All the subtle language that helps stay people stay searchable by friends ... the work we will likely have to do in China some day. He cited examples of ads showing up on Facebook relating to conversations they had just had.

After the initial relief of learning I wasn't part of the Facebook privacy breach, I'm ashamed to admit also feeling a little bit left out. The Facebook founder even shed his customary T-shirt and jeans for a business suit, but what he said may not have convinced everyone that companies like his can do much to keep people's data and privacy secure. "If I'm upset with Facebook, what's the equivalent product that I can sign up for?"

The company has always denied these allegations.

There have been reports that Facebook can track a user's internet browsing activity even after that user has logged off of the Facebook platform. And Facebook pays for security personnel and security systems at his residences, according to the filing.

At the House hearing, however, legislators hit Zuckerberg with more pointed questions.

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The company does this by using different techniques integrated into pages around the web. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee asked Zuckerberg if Facebook subjectively manipulates algorithms "to prioritize or censor speech", to which he responded that the company only removes content related to terrorism and the like.

To make sure that no other app developers are out there misusing data, Facebook is now investigating every single app that had access to a large amount of people's information on Facebook in the past."If we find someone that improperly used data, we're going to ban them from our platform and tell everyone affected", he said.

Near the end of the session, Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from MI criticised Zuckerberg's lack of knowledge of his own company.

"You didn't know about key court cases regarding privacy and your company".

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