Trump backs Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee GOP US Senate bid


"I think they did something which was clever politically, but I couldn't have swallowed morally, which is I think they threw a few crumbs to the middle class to give these huge breaks to wealthier people and corporations and so on", Bredesen told The New York Times.

That being said, there's still some speculation that Trump may not run - or could fall to a primary challenger, if Republicans get slaughtered in the 2018 midterm elections. At the same breakfast, he said that he would not campaign against the Democrat running for his seat in 2018, former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, who, he said has been a friend for 20 years.

Corker added during the interview that he would like to see who else is included in the field of 2020 Republican candidates before making a decision on whom to endorse.

"I do not like the tearing down of institutions and I've shared that with him", Corker said in response to another question.

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He said, "I wouldn't gauge what support there is a year-and-a-half from now from what support there is now", Flake told CNN. Strangely enough, Corker deflected - saying "who knows" whether Trump will run.

"The president is very entrepreneurial", Corker said.

The Tennessee senator, who also chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has had a complex relationship with Trump.

"I haven't given my future a great deal of thought". Bredesen only joined the race when Corker opted out. "I think the rallies generated much of the policy", Corker said, positing that Trump hardened his protectionist views based on crowd reactions at his political rallies.

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Still, Corker added praise for Trump over his accessibility.

The Republican Party has played a little game in which politicians have tried to have their cake and eat it too, by both assisting the Trump agenda and by attempting to act as if they are above his vengeful style of politics.

"This president, obviously, is not a president who's interested in fiscal issues", Corker said. One: "we need to make sure that he's actually moving forward and wants to go after this - so when he makes a declaration, then I think that would be a time to determine whether there are others (who) run or not." said Rep. Bill Huizenga of MI. Arizona Sen Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic who is retiring at year's end, won't rule out a potential primary challenge against the President. "At 10 o'clock, you might feel one way. At 2 o'clock, you might feel another way".

Finally, we asked the Senator about his sometimes rocky relationship with the President.

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