Trump considers allowing states to drug test food stamp recipients


Should anyone who drives on government-funded roads or CEOs of companies enjoying tax loopholes be forced to undergo drug testing as well?

Scott Walker speaks in Madison, Wis., on January 30.

"Drug testing has been tried quite a bit and it has failed". The idea has been a favorite of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who asked the Trump administration to be able to drug test both SNAP recipients and Medicaid enrollees. All of the recipients have mandated work requirements and can only be on the program for 36 months.

States Could Drug Test People on Food Stamps Under Rumored Trump Administration Policy

This news comes as part of a much broader push to limit federal food assistance more generally. "It's costly and cumbersome".

McGovern added that some states that have implemented drug testing requirements for other programs, have faced challenges when it comes to covering the costs of those tests. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 20 states have introduced legislation to screen safety net program recipients in some way.

He said if lawmakers were to write legislation that'd allow for individualized drug testing that could stick; however, they'd have to prove that wouldn't be unconstitutional. Though the administration has not taken an official public position on SNAP, as the AP noted, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has promised to provide states with "greater control over SNAP".

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"As a former governor, I know first-hand how important it is for states to be given flexibility to achieve the desired goal of self-sufficiency for people", he said.

"In the area where I live, a lot of people do a lot of drugs, and I feel if you can afford those drugs, maybe you wouldn't need food stamps if that is where your money is going", Robinson said.

For an officer to do this or to seize your property they need probable cause; in this case, a reason to force someone to take a drug test. According to the AP, at least 15 states have passed laws that allow them to drug test recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also known as TANF. Currently, four states test drug felons before they become eligible. "This is kind of a different bucket".

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More than 40 million Americans are enrolled in the Food Stamp program, but there could soon be a change in the application process. The food box plan was tucked into the Trump administration's proposed 2019 budget, which included cutting the SNAP program by $213 billion over the next 10 years.

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