Yodeling Boy Just Performed At Coachella Because Of Course That Happened


Ramsey, wearing his signature red bowtie and cowboy boots, immediately entered the meme hall of fame - with his rendition re-memed and remixed across social media.

And while Coachella might not be the first place one thinks of to listen to old-time honky-tonk - that's what the Stagecoach Festival in two weeks at the same place is for - the crowd seemed delighted by the surprise appearance. But the audience will be in for a rare performance-the yodeling boy. Yes, Mason Ramsey, AKA Lil Hank Williams AKA the Yodeling Walmart Boy yodeled his way into our timelines and our hearts and blew up the internet on April 1 when a video of him totally crushing it A Capella style at his local Walmart in IL was posted to his Instagram.

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Since then, he's been on Ellen (of course he was), and even played a show in a Wal-Mart parking lot that was live-streamed on Facebook.

On Friday Ramsey had to chance to sing at one of the biggest music festivals in the country. But that's not all.

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According to TMZ, Ramsey will hit the Coachella stage later today as part of DJ Whethan's set. That number of musicians includes Post Malone, who reportedly wanted to collab with Ramsey on stage on Saturday night.

We can't believe this is real, either.

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