ZTE's new concept phone has two notches and clear corners


That apart, the ZTE Iceberg comes equipped with two front-facing stereo speakers, something that will help the device score some brownie points on the audio front.

Considering we're all familiar at this point with what one notch houses (earpiece, selfie camera, ambient light sensor), some may wonder why you'd need two notches.

ZTE Iceberg concept phone
ZTE Iceberg concept phoneIF DESIGN WORLD GUIDE

As seen from the design pictures posted by World Design Guide, the smartphone has notch on both side of the display, which takes the concept of notched display to a whole new level.

The ZTE Iceberg is now a concept device, so it's not known when or if it'll ever actually launch. We've never heard of this device before today, but the renders come from the IF World Design Guide, which is a decent indication that they are probably legitimate.

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You may be wondering why we said the ZTE Iceberg is unusual. While most companies such as OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Asus, and others are following in the footsteps of Apple's iPhone X design, another Chinese company is taking things a "notch" higher, literally. The most notable being the notch at the top and bottom of the display. According to ZTE, these corners merge the glass back and front to form a unibody device. Sporting dual cameras and a fingerprint sensor. The phone also has wireless charging. The overall design shows all four corners of the phone transparent to reveal the glass piece that acts as a connection. It makes the phone look a little like it belongs in a museum as a futuristic artifact or like it's encased in ice, hence the name Iceberg.

There's not much more known about this phone, but the IF Design listing does mention a launch date "after 2018" with target regions including North America, Europe, and Asian markets. Apart from the double chin, the rounded corners are square-ized outwards with glass panel extended from the display.

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