Anyone fancy a nice glass of cockroach milk?


But, to test the cockroach milk, they will have to wait for some more time.

Cockroaches produce the crystals which are full of essential amino acids.

But considering the whole killing aspect and the fact that we're talking about cockroach secretion anyway, we think we'll stick with almond milk.

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Food trends such as charcoal and cronuts come and go, but one unexpected "Superfood" is back in trend, after 2 years and i.e. "cockroach milk".

According to 2016 research, milk found from the Australian native Pacific beetle cockroach was found to contain protein sequences packed with essential amino acids, proteins, fats, and sugars.

It seems we might not be glugging the stuff anytime soon though as the process of extracting the "milk" actually kills the cockroaches. Like humans, the young are directly nourished inside the womb by the mother before they are born. As such, this might end up being a pretty expensive product, although even a sprinkle of cockroach milk in protein drinks could still be good.

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While some health food fanatics may be tempted, trying to milk a common household cockroach will not produce any of this nourishing superfood. But, there's absolutely no scientific basis or basic regulation for what could be deemed as a superfood. Alongside, the Gourmet Grubb company is already selling entomilk which is made from insects that are farmed in a sustainable manner. Foods like blueberries, broccoli, and salmon are known as a superfood. However, the scientists have not proved that whether the cockroach milk is safe for human or not.

Hence, you can still wait before you start dreading the onset of insect milk flooding the markets. Some researchers are now experimenting with genetically modified yeast - which is far easier to grow and harvest - to produce the same milk as beetle roaches. According to a report on website Inverse, it's particularly hard to source the miracle crystals, taking around half a day to process the milk of two or three roaches. It is clear that the process of cultivating cockroach mill is time intensive. Weird and creepy as it may sound, but insects are the latest fad in the craze of superfoods.

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