Apple knew its computers were "defective", sold them anyway, suit alleges


Following numerous complaints (and even a petition or two), Apple has been hit with a class action suit over its faulty MacBook keyboards.

On May 11, a class-action lawsuit was filed in Northern California's U.S. District Court against Apple. The average price of replacing a malfunctioning keyboard is somewhere near $700, too much to ask for but that's what the users had to face.

According to the lawsuit, "Apple knew that the MacBook is defective at or before the time it began selling the affected models to the public". This reporter, who wrote the inciting piece about how her MacBook Pro keyboard simply couldn't remain functional regardless of how many times she got it fixed, has since sold her 2016 model back to Apple and continues to use her 2013 MacBook Pro, praying every day that it doesn't die.

Apple failed to disclose that the keyboard is defective, and this information would have been important to Plaintiffs' decision to purchase a MacBook:<
blockquote>Apple failed and continues to fail to disclose to consumers that the MacBook is defective, including when consumers bring their failed laptops into the "Genius Bar" (the in-store support desk) at Apple stores to request technical support. The butterfly mechanism switches later made their way into Apple's professional laptop range with the redesigned MacBook Pro in 2016 with a second-generation design. It's not acceptable for computers that cost $1,299 and more to have keyboards that break because of small amounts of dust.

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As of May 12, Apple did not respond to the lawsuit. The company said that this change would improve the device, but many users have complained about defects with it.

But for some users, the keyboard isn't flawless. There were certain users whose laptops were out of warranty and it cost them dearly. The butterfly keyboard replaced the traditional scissor-based keyboard switches to reduce key thickness by 40 percent. However, if the device is no longer under warranty, then the fix could cost $700.

The flatter keyboards were first introduced on the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 and the reception to them has been split down the middle.

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In June, Apple posted how to clean the keyboard using a can of compressed air.

Consumers then launched an online petition demanding that Apple recall all of the MacBook Pro laptops since late 2016, and replace the keyboards.

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