At Google, 'responsibility' upstages new technology


In a presentation to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the company not only claims that Android phones are sending location data to Google, but also that these devices are telling the internet giant what searches and websites users frequent.

The Oracle experts say phone owners' data ends up being consumed even if Google Maps is not in use or aeroplane mode is switched on.

In the event, new features of Google Maps were also unveiled and will be rolling out these coming months both on Android and iOS.

At Google, 'responsibility' upstages new technology

Of interest Tuesday, is evidence from Oracle suggesting Google is harvesting user data on Android phones. The ACCC is particularly concerned that digital platforms like Google and Facebook have tremendous influence on the advertising market.

Symantec goes to give an example of "Android.Reputation.1" malware which appears to be "hidden in at at least seven apps in the U.S".

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation set to come into force in just 11 days' time Google could also face further privacy investigations in Europe. In those letters, senator Blumenthal and the company discussed how and why the Android operating system was transmitting information about nearby cell towers back to Google's servers. "We are exploring how much consumers know about the use of location data and are working closely with the privacy commissioner".

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The regulator has reportedly met with the report's author to learn more about how Google services impact customers' privacy and finances.

Android P is packed with new features, many of which are created to make the software more intuitive to use.

According to Oracle, Google is accessing information such as barometric pressure readings and coordinates, which could be used to work out whether someone is located outside or in a shopping centre. All this information it shares with the advertisers to report how online ads have helped in increasing store visits.

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After the wrap up of the Google 2018 I/O keynote, the main announcement for Android users worldwide is the launch of the latest Android P. A technology consulting firm has recently reported that Google is "preparing a petition for a rehearing en banc (a full-court review) of Oracle's recent appellate victory".

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