Bill Gates has some scary anecdotes about Donald Trump


Microsoft founder Bill Gates told his foundation's staff that President Donald Trump didn't know the difference between HPV and HIV when they met with each other on two different occasions, according to an exclusive clip obtained by MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

While speaking at an event at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the tech guru and billionaire philanthropist said that the United States president inquired about the difference between HIV and HPV on two separate occasions. More tonight at 8PM ET.

When he met the then-president-elect at Trump Tower in December 2016, Gates said their conversation covered several subjects, including health, energy and education.

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He explained the newly elected president asked him if vaccines were a "bad thing" and Mr Trump told him he was exploring forming a commission to look into "ill effects of vaccines". "And I said no, that's a dead end, that would be a bad thing, don't do that", Gates said. "That would be a bad thing, don't do that, '" Gates recalled.

Gates also revealed a how he and wife Melinda were creeped out by Trump seeming to be a little too attentive to their 22-year-old daughter Jennifer's looks. "So when I first talked to him it was nearly kind of scary how much he knew about my daughter's appearance". Gates said that Trump left the event and made a big show of flying back to the same event in a helicopter 20 minutes later.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged by the HIV virus. So, clearly he had been driven away, but he wanted to make a grand entrance in a helicopter.

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Donald Trump is so confused about the difference between HIV and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that he has had to ask Bill Gates to explain the difference. Gates also described how freaky it sounded when the president referred to himself in the third person in one of the meetings.

Jennifer Gates and her parents, Bill and Melinda Gates, listen to former U.S. President Barack Obama speak at the Gates Foundation Inaugural Goalkeepers event on September 20, 2017 in New York City.

HPV is a very common sexually-transmitted disease that causes no symptoms in many people. He said: "'Trump hears that you don't like what Trump is doing.' And I thought, 'Wow, but you're Trump, '" Gates said, earning laughs from the audience.

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