CDC 'Ticks' Off Twitter With Photo Of Poppyseed Muffin With Ticks


Twitter may be the home to some of the world's most controversial conversations, but baked goods seldom make the headlines.

Many claimed that they could never eat a poppy seed muffin again.

A social media post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about ticks has some people gagging over the sight of poppy seed muffins.

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It was meant to raise awareness about just how small they are and to educate people on prevention.

As a recent tweet from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illustrated, they can be easy to miss, and look nearly identical to poppy seeds - especially when they're strategically placed on top of a poppy seed muffin. "Can you spot all 5 ticks in this photo?"

Fleas and ticks can spread serious illnesses to dogs and cats, including Lyme disease, which can be fatal to our four-legged friends. Experts also advised that checking yourself or having someone else check you for ticks can also be key to preventing Lyme Disease.

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They also suggest investing in a repellant, particularly in warmer months when ticks are most active.

Summer is just around the corner and a new study suggest pet owners are not prepared for the dangers of fleas and ticks.

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