'Dirty jokes' revealed on mystery pages of Anne Frank's diary


Researchers have published for the first time writing on two pages of Anne Frank's diary which she covered over with brown paper, discovering dirty jokes and a teenager's interest in sex.

Frank penned the two pages on September 28, 1942, less than three months after she and her family began hiding from Nazis in a secret attic during World War II.

Thanks to modern image processing technology, the writing from 1942 was uncovered, and four "dirty jokes" appeared.

The humor's a little lost in translation, but one is about German soldiers banging Dutch women, and others are about men catching their wives banging other men. and men with ugly wives.

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Researches managed to uncover the text using digital techniques, by shining light through the pages and photographing them in high resolution. "At the end she explicitly names her father, Otto, who had been in Paris and saw houses with prostitutes", the Anne Frank Housewrites.

On prostitution, she wrote: "All men, if they are normal, go with women, women like that accost them on the street and then they go together".

Frank's inclusion of sexual material in her diaries makes sense-during her 25 months of hiding, she matured from a young girl into a young woman and even conducted a brief romantic relationship with Peter van Pels, a boy who hid with the Frank family.

Inside a secret annex above her father's office, Anne Frank edited passages from her first diary, the book that captured a teenager's experience of the Holocaust.

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The Anne Frank Museum said this was not the only time the teenage girl wrote about sex - mentioning other jokes she had heard the people in her hidden home tell, or the passages about her periods and sexuality.

"Anne Frank writes about sexuality in a disarming way. Papa has been there".

Anne wrote in her diary until she and her family were discovered by the Nazis in 1944 and deported to Auschwitz. The family went into hiding in July 1942 and remained there, provided with food and other essentials by a close-knit group of helpers, until August 4, 1944, when they were discovered and ultimately deported to Auschwitz.

Anne's father was the only member of the Frank family to survive. Her diary was published two years later and has been read worldwide and translated into at least 60 languages.

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The house where the Franks hid was turned into a museum that is one of Amsterdam's most popular tourist attractions.