Donald Glover on Lando's sexuality in Solo: A Star Wars Story


If you're someone who doesn't want to know any details about Solo: A Star Wars Story before seeing it, here's your spoiler warning. Lucas hasn't been too vocal about what Disney has done with Star Wars. Lord and Miller were quickly (in movie production time) replaced by Ron Howard, a talented man but one whose closest connection to anything resembling sci-fi is "Splash". The newly formed dynamic duo join outlaw Tobias Beckett (Woodie Harrelson) and his first mate (Thandie Newton) as they attempt to rob a rocket train loaded with priceless fuel cells.

"He doesn't get down in the weeds on the movies anymore". This stretch will test the patience of even the most forgiving "Star Wars" junkie. The screenwriter said "there's a fluidity to Donald and Billy Dee's portrayal of Lando's sexuality", which is something fans seemed to pick up on in early "Solo" trailers where Lando could be seen possibly flirting with Han Solo.

It led to Ehrenreich's acting roles in the American television series Supernatural, in 2005, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in 2006. There is a romantic relationship that matters, there is the Han-Chewie bromance, there is a amusing adversarial relationship between Lando and Han, there is a mentor story.

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Billy Dee Williams first gave life to Lando 38 years ago today in The Empire Strikes Back.

Another strong point of the film was its supporting cast. Han vows to return to rescue his girlfriend, Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) who is apprehended as they flee Corellia.

Star Wars fans will get the most out of this prequel with its many references and in-jokes, such as how Han got his last name, but casual cinema-goers will still be able to follow the story. His calling cards are a (required) British accent and tiger claw scars on his face that become red when he's angry.

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But now to the question on everyone's mind - can Alden Ehrenreich ("Rules Don't Apply") fill the boots of Harrison Ford, who made Han Solo an iconic character in the original "Star Wars" trilogy? And Lando is just a more fun character. Jonathan Kasdan & Lawrence Kasdan wrote the screenplay.

Whatever. Comme ci comme ça.

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