Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal


Trump described the deal as "horrible" and "one-sided" as he announced United States withdrawal on Tuesday, which could lead to penalties for European businesses that have begun trading with Iran since it was signed in 2013.

Iran has claimed its nuclear program is for civilian purposes and denies supporting extremists in the region. France has come down heavily on the decision, with French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire saying that Europe can not afford to follow the whims of the United States when it comes to protecting its economic and diplomatic interests, according to BBC.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal was not a decision that could be taken exclusively by the U.S.

Bolton, whom President Donald Trump tapped in March to replace former national security adviser H.R. McMaster, emphasized in the CNN interview that it was his job to advise Trump but that the president is the one who makes the decisions.

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"Do we want to be vassals who obey decisions taken by the United States while clinging to the hem of their pants?"

But the USA ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, said firms should question the morality of doing business with Iran.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said that Russian Federation and its ex-Soviet allies will sign a free trade pact with Iran. The deal focused on limiting and monitoring Iran's production of nuclear fuel, a key ingredient for producing such weapons.

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has begun a diplomatic tour to seek assurances that signatories to a landmark nuclear deal will back it despite its abandonment by the US.

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"This deal is not a bilateral treaty". "It seems that today screaming and shouting, insulting and bullying, systematically destroying and dismantling everything already in place is the mood of our times".

The French finance minister said he pushed U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin this week for three things: exemptions for French companies operating in Iran; or the application of a so-called grandfather clause for deals struck in Iran since 2015; or an extension of the 90-day period to wind down operations in Iran.

Europe's largest economies lobbied to protect their companies' investments in Iran on Friday, seeking to keep the nuclear deal with Tehran alive after Washington pulled out and threatened to impose sanctions on European companies. Another could be an independent financing mechanism allowing European companies to avoid USA banks. No regime loyalists would dare say it, especially to an American reporter, but Iranians are furious with their own government's failure to deliver basics like electricity, water and decent wages.

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