Iran tells Europe to step up and save nuclear deal


As to dealing with other issues independently, the Iranian diplomat said "They should know that we have already signed an agreement that has not worked for Iran".

The US, the statement went on, was "not entitled" to tell Iran what policies it should adopt in its own region, given that "all the problems facing the Middle East... emanate from the interference and encroachment of Washington and the medieval dictatorial governments of its allies". "It's shocking how they would move forward with a policy announcement that really has no clothes".

The speech was a fresh example of the Trump administration's maximalist with-us-or-against-us strategy that's also playing out over North Korea's nuclear program. The 2015 deal concluded under the Obama administration dealt only with the nuclear programme and was not a treaty but rather a UN-endorsed executive agreement between the parties. He said Iran must allow nuclear inspectors "unqualified access to all sites throughout the country", Pompeo said, alluding to military sites that were off-limits under the 2015 deal except under specific circumstances.

Pompeo also demanded that Iran cease from a range of activities throughout the Middle East that have long drawn the ire of the USA and its allies. Instead, Trump wants North Korea to give up everything first.

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"We are not asking anything other than that Iranian behavior be consistent with global norms", Pompeo said.

Iran was deemed in compliance of the JCPOA, including by the Trump administration. "Wealth created by the West has fueled his campaigns", he said.

"This deal belongs to the worldwide community, having been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council".

He also called Iran "the largest sponsor of terror" and "a sanctuary for al-Qaeda", in another echo of the Iraq playbook.

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"We will help where we can, but there is no way of completely averting the consequences of this unilateral withdrawal", he said. Even then, analysts argue that Kim's gentler tone was the result of internal considerations and not wholly dependent on United States action.

First and foremost, it is highly crucial for Iran that the Europeans keep buying oil from the country - now around 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) or roughly 40% of overall Iranian oil exports. There's less appetite for that among Europeans, and even less among other countries willing to buy Iranian oil, such as China and India.

"They might have to choose between doing business with Iran or the United States", West said.

Reacting to Pompeo's speech, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson committed to shielding European companies from renewed sanctions. "It will not have the resources to do both", Pompeo said. "These will be the strongest sanctions in history by the time we are complete". "They're interested in regime change".

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In response to a question whether Iran was satisfied with the proposals made by EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete during his recent visit to Tehran, Araqchi said he was unaware of all aspects of the issue. Given the growth of the democratic opposition movement, the continued protests, and the very shaky foundation of the regime, it is wise for the Western world to stand on the side of the Iranian people as they are standing for their freedom. That's why the list that Pompeo talked about is a maximalist list.