Lethal Weapon: Replacing Clayne Crawford "Wasn't Our Choice" Says Fox Chair


HOLLYWOOD -The contract for Clay native and Hewitt-Trussville graduate Clayne Crawford, whose birth name is Joseph "Joey" Crawford, was not renewed for season three of Lethal Weapon.

Fan outcry arose over the weekend when it was reported Crawford was being released from the TV adaptation of the popular buddy-cop franchise for his on-set behavior while producers scrambled for a replacement.

At the same time as the event, Seann's future co-star Damon Wayans took to Twitter to detail his issues with Crawford. "I'd like to address the TWITTER outrage with this video and image to follow", he wrote besides the video.

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The footage shows Wayans, who plays Roger Murtaugh, getting hit in the back of the head by some flying shrapnel. A subsequent tweet shared by Wayans - who turned his Twitter account private after the outcry but opened it up again late Monday - features a bloody cut on the opposite side of his head, seemingly questioning his on-set safety during the episode directed by Crawford. The actor wrote, "How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head?"

"Below is a rendering seeking to explain yesterday's incident".

Besides an image of a sticker reading "Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist" stuck on pillar, he wrote, "Since @warnerbrostv is not defending me at all. here's another photo of images other people were posting in and around the lot". My heart is full.

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"I absolutely love, respect and care for my crew and cast, and would never intentionally jeopardize so many jobs".

Although Crawford said he had been "disciplined", apologized, attended studio-appointed therapy and has since released a statement wishing his former cast well and wishing them luck for the next season, Wayans has not once commented on the month of rumours surrounding the show, which was renewed for a third season ahead of Scott's hiring. I stopped watching Warner Bros TV's revisionist Batman origin story after its first season as I wasn't a fan of its convoluted storytelling, but by all accounts the show has grown from strength to strength, especially on the back of Cameron Monaghan's critically acclaimed performance as a proto-Joker villain named Jerome.

Crawford, 40, apologized for his conduct in two previous incidents - together with the one which has now been revealed to have invloved Wayans - that occurred on set on the finish of April. The first reprimand came after Crawford "reacted with anger" toward a guest director and assistant director. When he is asked point-blank what happened on set, Wayans says, "One day I will speak on it". Sources note that Scott may play the brother of Crawford's Martin Riggs. "I even shared a sizable portion of my paycheck with one of the parties involved per the instruction of the studio". He then said he took responsibility for the incident.

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