Mowgli, The Other Live-Action Jungle Book Movie, Finally Gets A Trailer


On the general tone of the film, Serkis explains, "We wanted to engage much more closely with the tone of the book". While this certainly seems to indicate a stricter adherence to the source material, it isn't the loyalty to the book that's most impressive about this trailer-it's the shockingly ideal marriage between the voices of the cast with the corresponding beautifully rendered CGI animals they're portraying.

Directed by Andy Serkis, the film is based on Rudyard Kipling's iconic novel The Jungle Book which is the story of a boy who was brought up by wolves in the jungles of India. The film explores Mowgli's story under the dark glass wherein the character is in danger and meets humans for the first time.

The film also stars Rohan Chand as Mowgli, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto, with motion capture performances by Cate Blanchett and Naomie Harris in addition to Cumberbatch, Bale, and Serkis.

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As Mowgli's first trailer shows, Serkis' more complete approach created a series of distinct hybrids, animals that look remarkably realistic in some respects and more believably anthropomorphic in others. You'd be scared when Mowgli faced with mortal danger from Kaa (the snake) and Shere Khan himself.

Unlike The Jungle Book, wherein the movie retold the tale of how Mowgli adapted to the jungle, Mowgli attempts to tell the lesser shared story about what happens after he becomes a part of the green land.

Mowgli is written by Callie Kloves with Serkis directing and co-producing with Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves.

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"For instance, Christian Bale as Bagheera".

Serkis says the main theme in the movie is "Who I am in the world of animals and in the world of man". In the trailer, he is heard telling Mowgli, "My, my how you've grown". Mowgli will hit the theaters on 19th October 2018 and we can't wait for these months to pass. "He is a young boy playing a very complex adult role and he is utterly brilliant", he added.

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