Multiverse Beckons Hospitability to Life


Our universe is among the few fortunate ones because more dark energy leads to faster expansion of the planets, and the elements would have been lesser concentrated to stay connected and create planets and stars. As to why there is so little dark energy in this universe, scientists still do not seem to have an answer, but they believe that the multiverse theory does not give the right answers. The dark energy is defined as the unusual force, which is triggering the universe to expand.

Multiverse is a concept according to which we are in one of the several universes, in which the dark energy composition is low.

Radio cosmologists from around the globe have been stuck to their sets for a considerable length of time to tune in to that one sound from some place in space which would demonstrate that an outsider life, adequately propelled, exists some place in our universe. In the mentioned case, the life would not have been formed and survived, and the universe would have been dead like many other multiverses.

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Now new research led by Durham University, UK, and Australia's University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of Western Australia has portrayed that life could possibly be habitual throughout the multiverse.

"I think we should be looking for a new law of physics to explain this odd property of our Universe, and the Multiverse theory does little to rescue physicists' discomfort", he added.

The findings of the research team have been published in two related papers in the monthly bulletin of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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The research suggests that if we reside in the Multiverse, we should observe about 50 times the amount of dark energy that we now do. There is just about enough dark energy to allow the formation of planets and suns as well as planets like Earth where life is possible. This suggests that in some regions the universe is still expanding and will continue to grow indefinitely.

Overall, it's clear that our understanding of dark energy is lacking.

This opens the doors to the likelihood that life could be feasible throughout an extensive range of other universes, if they thrived the researchers said.

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However, when an accepted scientific part is questioned or even completely denied, it is always exciting - this new research may be the case.