Post-Grenfell review finds UK's building regulations system broken


A final report into the Grenfell Tower fire has not recommended a ban on flammable cladding, despite concluding that an indifference to and ignorance of rules had led to a "race to the bottom" in building safety, whereby cost is prioritised over safety.

The engineer examining building codes after the Grenfell tower fire that killed 71 people a year ago in London is calling for a wholesale change in fire safety regulations.

It led to high rises in Sunderland being looked at, and work is now underway at the towers on Dame Dorothy Street having their cladding replaced this week.

"There's something seriously wrong with the regulatory system", she said during an interview on BBC Radio 4.

Tower block fire in London

But the review said it would fall short of a ban on flammable cladding because it would "not address the root causes" of the problems in building regulations.

"The next problem may not be cladding and I have tried to fix the system, irrespective of what the next problem might be, not just the problem with cladding".

Dame Judith's 184-page report concluded that there were "deep flaws" in the system with widespread ignorance of the rules, ambiguity over responsibilities, an absence of scrutiny and a lack of interest in the people living in... Many residents accused authorities of ignoring safety concerns raised months before the fire.

"The above issues have helped to create a cultural issue across the sector, which can be described as a "race to the bottom" caused either through indifference, or because the system does not facilitate good practice", she said.

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"There is insufficient focus on delivering the best quality building possible, in order to ensure that residents are safe, and feel safe".

"When we met Dame Jude Hackitt we asked for an outright ban on combustible cladding".

The report will call for "tougher sanctions" for breaches of fire safety regulations as part of "a much stronger regulatory regime for high-rise buildings that recognises that there is an inherently high level of risk involved", said Dame Judith.

Clearer roles and responsibilities throughout the design and construction process, as well as during a building's occupation.

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However, he stressed that the immediate priority should be to ensure that the events of Grenfell are never repeated.

Campaigners branded it a "whitewash" after it failed to recommend either of the measures.

James Brokenshire, the housing secretary, is expected to announce a consultation on banning flammable materials such as the polyethylene-filled cladding panels that fuelled the inferno at Grenfell last June.

Commenting on desktop studies, he went on: "As the use and misuse of desktop studies has been at the heart of the problem, the LGA also remains clear that the use of desktop studies that attempt to approve safety compliance must also be banned". People are not safe in their homes. "So we have made a decision to provide funding to ensure that housing associations and councils can carry out this vital work".

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