PUBG War mode returns this weekend with some big changes


Many console gamers are super excited to jump back into (or for the very first time) the new map Miramar using the PUBG PTS Xbox One Times.

Steam/PUBG Corp.PUBG Corp. has just announced sweeping changes coming with the "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Update number 12 for the PCs, as well as a new vehicle - the Mirado, a classic muscle auto that seats four.

Gamers must note that there is a scheduled four-hour maintenance tomorrow starting at 3 a.m. BST.

PUBG update 13 is going live on Xbox One, as Bluehole continues to make crucial changes.

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The notes for PUBG's Patch 13 on the Xbox One were shared through the game's forums with a full list of what's changing.

But they are far from popular with players, who have to spend their hard-earned cash in hopes of getting a better or more valuable item, and of course it's all a game of chance.

The PUBG patch 12 will be dropping a new weapon to the game called the SLR.

It will have a 10-round magazine capacity by default, which takes 7.62 mm ammunition. However, this additional power also means that it will cause more recoil when fired.

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Weapons have also been rebalanced, and new scopes and attachments introduced, alongside a new weapon - the SLR - for Miramar, as well as a new vehicle, the Mirado, which looks like an over-the-top take on the old Ford Capri.

Miramar's new vehicle, meanwhile, is a muscle auto named the Mirado. As for the new Miramar's vehicle named Mirado, the early information says that it is a muscle auto with four seats which can be found on the main city streets or in downtown areas.

In terms of weapons, vehicles and other goodies, the company says that it has "applied the same weapon balance and item spawn changes from the current PUBG live servers", but has adjust the "spawn balance" for Sanhok to increase the overall item spawn amount and increased the total amount of assault rifles. Unlike the PTS on PC, the Xbox One version only allows players to play on the public test servers during certain times which we will detail below.

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