Reuben Foster's accuser says she lied to 'end him'


I was pissed." RELATED: "49ers Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violenceEnis was asked by a prosecutor if she took money from Foster.

Ennis says that she took money and jewelry from Foster after the incident. Among the injuries Ennis suffered was a ruptured eardrum that required a hospital visit later in the day.

According to Ennis, the accusations were 'all a money scheme'.

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Ennis said her injuries were suffered the previous day after she was cut off by another vehicle, got into a road-rage situation with the driver and eventually fought a woman in San Francisco.

On Thursday, Ennis finally testified and said she made the whole thing up and that Foster didn't hit her once, according to Cam Inman, the 49ers reporter for the Bay Area News. "I wanted him to go down".

In her original report, Ennis told police that she and Foster had been arguing the night before and he had become angry and thrown her dog across the room.

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A video of Ennis' fight with another woman was given to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office for review in late April, causing the district attorney to delay Foster's plea hearing until last week. On Feb. 13, Ennis told Los Gatos Detective Jim Wiens that she had been involved in a fight in San Francisco and that she sustained her injuries there. Shortly after the fight Foster attempted to end the relationship, and that's when Ennis went into panic mode.

'I'm sorry, ' Ennis tearfully admitted in court on Thursday, according to ESPN.'I really am. "No, sir. Not once", she said.

In addition to Wiens and Ennis, the only other testimony delivered Thursday morning came from a man who was driving the auto that Ennis flagged down so she could call 9-1-1 on the morning of February 11.

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The 49ers said they will release Foster if the allegations prove true.