Teacher posts paycheck to draw attention to pay


We believe it would help their cause tremendously to focus on how low pay and lack of respect and appreciation of their skills primarily hurt students.

That anecdote lives on as modern metaphor. Merriam-Webster's defines a Pyrrhic victory as "a victory that is not worth winning because so much is lost to achieve it".

On how they got involved with the May 16 Day of Advocacy through their local Guilford County Association of Educators, an affiliate of the North Carolina Association of Educators, which is organizing the rally.

Jewell said teachers don't really expect GOP lawmakers to meet all their demands, which is why they are also urging voters to not re-elect them.

Teachers in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have all led demonstrations since the beginning of 2018.

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These pilgrimages give professional organizations a chance to lobby for their industries' interests.

Some teachers are expected to begin filing into the legislature after the march.

Organizers' goals include increasing per-pupil spending, enacting a multi-year professional pay plan for all school personnel, adding health and social support resources and issuing a statewide school construction bond to fix or replace crumbling schools. In order to have a place at the table as bills are drafted and budgets are passed, the association must strive to present itself as a nonpartisan coalition representing educators of all political stripes.

In other parts of the state, like Wake County, teachers make above the state average. "We can not attract the best and brightest educators when we then pay them far less than they would make in another field requiring the degree level they achieve".

"We all listen to the teachers as they talk to us", Berger said Tuesday.

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For the past, probably 6 to 7 years, education has seen cuts, cuts, cuts. That number increased this year to $51,214, according to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. "We needed to address the issue as it relates to supervision and safety".

"We found our courage in the movement from other states, but our anger is our own".

A former UNC-Wilmington student, who is now a teacher in Stokes County, posted a picture of his paycheck on Facebook last week to bring awareness to creating fair teacher pay in North Carolina. Yet North Carolina teacher pay-which averages out just above $50,000, including local supplements and benefits- remains almost $10,000 below the national average and ranks 39th in the nation. Therefore, the Alexander County Board of Education voted unanimously on May 8th to revise the current school calendar if a higher rate of absence for teachers was anticipated. We're exhausted of the political games.

The Rally for Respect will lead afternoon newscasts and fill newspaper pages with ink, but it's not likely to steer policy.

We find it hard to blame the teachers, who have been peaceably complaining through proper channels for years.

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