This Robot Dog Can Navigate Your Office Flawlessly


Boston Dynamics, a US-based tech firm, plans to start selling its SpotMini robot next year, with the offering now in the pre-production stage. The videos it has released of the SpotMini have shown the robot navigating around an office on its own, opening a door for a second SpotMini robot, and even resisting interference by a human.

The result? Spot aces it, including some particularly challenging stairs, and all while looking like a training video for the actual "Black Mirror" episode we mentioned above.

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"SpotMini in pre-production now", said Raibert. It's unclear who will be able to buy them and for how much. After almost three decades, Boston Dynamics will finally begin selling its robots, beginning with none other than the SpotMini. The company is going to work with its manufacturing partners to increase the production of the robot before it starts selling the SpotMini in 2019.

The company's founder, Marc Raibert, announced at a TechCrunch event last Friday in California that the dog-like robot, which will be able to perform office and household tasks, will be commercially available in 2019. It can move around for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

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In the first SpotMini video from 2016, we're shown the original robot performing various chores around the house, including loading up the dishwasher and throwing away trash. The robot, described as "the world's most dynamic humanoid" on the Boston Dynamics website, runs at a slow-but-steady pace over grass, up a slight incline and then stops in front of a log. Atlas steadies himself, bends his "knees", raises his "arms" and nimbly hops over the log, landing without a wobble. Atlas, for example, has the remarkable ability to perform a flawless backflip, though it's not always so steady on its feet.

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