Apple Maps is down


Apple Inc. said issues with its Maps application that caused service for navigation and location search to be down for several hours earlier Friday have been resolved.

'Users are experiencing a problem with this service, ' Apple's site read. That means CarPlay users will have to launch a different navigation app on their phone in order to get directions during this outage. This feature assumes, of course, that you've already setup the Google Maps app with your home and work addresses. Both Maps Routing & Navigation and Maps Search are marked with the "Issue" tag, and the details say that all users are affected by the outages. "Route information is not available at the moment".

Deaths by Israeli fire darken Eid al-Fitr holiday in Gaza
Human Rights Council voted last month to dispatch war crimes investigators to probe Israel's assault on peaceful demonstrators in Gaza.

VentureBeat reported that Siri was failing to respond to mapping requests, telling users, "Can't seem to access that data right now, try again in a little while".

For the routing and navigation issue, Apple says it now affects all users, and has been identified since 5:48AM PDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 colours leaked online ahead of official launch
The blue is said to have a gold frame while black will be the same black seen on the previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagships. The render is created by concept designers at SamsungMobile.News, who posted the image on their Twitter handle.

UPDATE: June 15, 2018, 1:12 p.m. EDT Mashable successfully used Apple Maps on multiple devices, but the official website says it is still down. Still, it's rather frustrating that an app built into countless Apple products isn't working.

Volkswagen fined $1.5-billion by German authorities over diesel scandal
Three others are being investigated for market manipulation for concealing information about the cheating from the public. These are the current CEO, Herbert Diess, supervisory board chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch and former CEO Martin Winterkorn.