Astronomers have shared a video of the explosion-meter asteroid over Africa


But it's actually a designation for a tiny asteroid detected by Richard Kowalski only about eight hours before entering the Earth's atmosphere.

A boulder-sized asteroid turned into a fireball after getting into the Earth's Atmosphere and hit over a South African nation of Botswana, an African nation around 1 PM on June 2.

Regarding the late detection of the asteroid, the CAS explained that because it is a small rock that can be dark, and that because it does not emit its own light, an asteroid like 2018 LA only becomes visible when it is already very close. Meteor completely burned up in earth's atmosphere before reaching the surface.

The asteroid, dubbed 2018 LA, was discovered out near the Moon's orbit early on Saturday morning.

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Initially, it was predicted that the range of impact would extend from southern Africa over the Indian Ocean up to the New Guinea.

Paul Chodas, the Manager of NASA's CNEOS (Center for Near-Earth Object Studies), stated it is the 2nd time the prediction of collision location was precise. "It is also only the second time that the high probability of an impact was predicted well ahead of the event itself".

At just two metres across, the asteroid was too small to pose a threat to any cities or towns and was expected to safely disintegrate as it entered Earth's atmosphere.

"This was a much smaller object than we are tasked to detect and warn about", Lindley Johnson, the Planetary Defense Officer at NASA Headquarters, said. It is the third occasion wherein the Asteroid was recorded to impact on the Earth's atmosphere. That asteroid was spotted 19 hours before impact, enough time for scientists to plot a precise trajectory for the falling space rock.

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The asteroid hurtling toward Earth at 10 miles (16 km) a second looked like it could be the harbinger of catastrophe.

Fortunately, NASA didn't have to rely on Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck to blow up this asteroid before it entered the earth's atmosphere, but it still looked arguably more risky than Dottie, the Texas-sized asteroid in Armageddon. However, the asteroid of 2008 was detected nineteen hours before it struck the sky over Sudan.

After scientists at the Catalina Sky Survey spotted the asteroid, they relayed their observations to scientists at the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The second was 2014 AA, discovered only a few hours before it impacted over the Atlantic Ocean on January 1, 2014.

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