Cavaliers will pursue Kawhi Leonard in an attempt to keep LeBron James


While that quote may only be relevant for Thunder fans, much of the almost two-minute interaction with George focused on the idea of pairing up with The King in L.A. and if George wants to play with James.

The 33-year-old has until June 29 to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Love went from being mainly a spot-up shooter in the 2016-2017 season to being James right-hand man.

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If James' decision hinges on putting himself in the best position to win a title, O'Neal says it will be hard for James to beat the Warriors.

"I've got a teenage boy, a pre-teen and a little girl that wasn't around as well". But if I was him, I wouldn't be trying to get four, five and six because it ain't going to matter. The Lakers are flush with cap space and would have room for both Kawhi Leonard and one of the top free agents, either LeBron James or Paul George, so there would be no need for them to give up on Lonzo Ball - especially given that he's still on his rookie contract and under team control for the next three years. If the Spurs were that quick to pull the rug out from under Boston with their assets, I can not imagine Cleveland matching up their potential haul.

O'Neal continued to say, "Somebody told me a long time ago - they said your book is already set. So LeBron's book is already set", O'Neal said. His mentality now is probably is: I want to get four before Steph [Curry] does.

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LeBron James next team: Where could the National Basketball Association superstar go next? It's just something else to talk about, something else to add to the pages.

Now, after losing two straight NBA Finals to the Kevin Durant-led Golden State Warriors, The King has to decide his best course of action to remain competitive with the Warriors. James now only has three championship rings to his name, three less than Michael Jordan, yet some fans are okay overlooking King James' lack of rings as the rest of his career more than makes up for it. You have three superstars on one team that actually play the right way.

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