Devil May Cry 5: Dante and Nero return at E3 2018


We're also going to be scouring E3 and the internet for breaking stories, interesting tidbits, and rumours of what is still to be announced.

The trailer is incredibly fast paced and so far includes a look at some new characters as well as a new look for Nero who was the main character for Devil May Cry 4. You can ride on rockets, use robot arms, Dante has a damn motorcycle, and more.

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Several years have passed in Devil May Cry 5and the threat of demonic power, long since forgotten, has returned to menace the world once again. For those who are wondering, the game is directed by Hideaki Itsuno, who has worked on other Devil May Cry games in the series as well.

High octane stylized action - Featuring three playable characters each with a radically different stylish combat play style as they take on the city overrun with demons.

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Built in the RE Engine developed for Resident Evil 7, Devil May Cry 5 is scheduled to launch on Xbox One (with an enhanced version on Xbox One X), PS4, and PC in spring 2019.

"As Nero heads to Red Grave City in his motorhome named "Devil May Cry" with his partner Nico, he ruminates on how everything started".

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"We think we've made something that feels better than any action game we've ever created", Devil May Cry producer Matt Walker said on the Microsoft stage after the trailer reveal.