Drumbeat of opposition to family separation grows; Trump not budging


The zero-tolerance policy separates families by prosecuting parents and other border-crossers for entering the United States without authorization. "There is no other way to say it - this is not who we are, and it must end now", said Chamber President Tom Donohue.

But, as we know, in American law, is, when you are - commit a crime, you can be an American citizen, you will be separated from your family. The family border policies were set by his administration. As a result, children found making the illegal crossings along with those adults have been separated and sent to detention centers.

This means that the illegal entrants would now be prosecuted in federal court and not in civil court like before.

Graham told reporters the measure would keep migrant families together, provide additional judges so detained families would face shorter waiting periods, and supply facilities for the families to stay.

Trump, who has made a tough stance on immigration a centrepiece of his presidency, has staunchly defended his administration's actions.

Under previous United States administrations, undocumented immigrants caught crossing the border for the first time tended to be issued with court summonses.

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What would happen to the children?

Meeting with Republicans for an hour Tuesday evening, Mr. Trump told them he would welcome a fix to the family separation issue that's engulfed the immigration debate this week. The couple, who are also parents of newborn son Miles, helped raise over a million dollars for the organization.

The Department of Health and Human Services said there are now 11,700 children under its care in 100 shelters across 17 states. They are not permitted to be jailed together since the minors are not charged with the crime.

Republican House leaders, increasingly fearful of voter reaction in November, met with Trump for about an hour at the Capitol to try to work out some resolution.

"We have no border security", Trump said, adding the smuggling of children and women is now "the worst it's been in history".

Former first ladies have also weighed in with Hillary Clinton calling it "a moral and humanitarian crisis". The figures are for people who tried to enter the USA between official border crossings.

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"Every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged", Clinton said. "This is nothing short of torture" and has produced images which will "leave an indelible stain on the reputation of the USA", said the group.

Democrats kept a united front, seizing upon the issue to hammer Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. Maybe, it should have occurred to folks like Trump and Brooks that separating children from their families at the border was immoral, un-American, and un-Christian, since they both hold themselves out publicly as moral Christians.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says she hasn't heard newly released audio of crying children who have been separated from their families at the U.S. -Mexico border.

It would require an independent child welfare official to review any such separations and return the child if no harm is present, as well as mandate all Customs and Border Protection agents to complete child welfare training on an annual basis. This is something that the president has pushed forward, was ending catch and release, where you're able to keep these families together and then be able to either - either hear their cases or remove them from the country.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April that the administration would take a "zero tolerance" approach to illegal immigration, directing all USA attorneys who serve in districts along the United States' southern border with Mexico to criminally prosecute all cases of attempted illegal entry or illegal entry that are referred by DHS.

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