Gmail Update Now Allows For Customizable Swiping Actions


With the update it is now possible to customize the left and right swipe gestures to perform one of five actions - archive, delete, mark as read/unread, move to, and snooze.

Keep in mind that you can only choose one action for each swipe direction at a time, though you can change it at any moment in the future.

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The update, rolling out in v8.5.20 of the Gmail app, now lets you tap on the "Swipe Actions" option in Settings which will give you options for both left and right Swipes. This brings the Gmail app (on Android, at least) up to par with Gmail's web mail's ability to snooze your emails until later.

Android Police noted that the new feature may have been released via a server-side change exposed in the Android version of the app in the last few days. These customizable swipes were initially spotted in an APK teardown of an older build of Gmail which meant that Google was already working on the feature which we guess is finally here.

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The update has been rolling for over a week on Gmail for Android but the option has not come to iOS as yet.

If you're a fan of gestures, you should fine that the new options make it much easier to deal with the contents of your inbox.

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